Celebrating 15.000 visitors by going open source!

In 2019 alone, PMXSolutions.com has been visited by over 15.000 visitors! In order to celebrate this overwhelming interest in the website, I have made the Shiny application for pharmacokinetic simulations open source on GitHub!

Visit the GitHub repository


Collaborate on code

GitHub is a great platform to share and collaborate on coding projects. Feel free to use and improve the code for you own use. If you find any bugs or would like to see some new functionality, create an issue in the repo so it can be fixed at a later stage. If you have already updated the code in your own repository, feel free to create a pull request.

Most visited pages in 2019:

As a data scientist, lets have a look at the most visited pages of 2019:

Post nameLinkVisits
A step-by-step guide to prediction corrected visual predictive checks (VPC) of NONMEM models/2018/09/21/a-step-by-step-guide-to-prediction-corrected-visual-predictive-checks-vpc-of-nonmem-models/1,807
Getting your NONMEM dataset to work – DATA ERROR summary/2018/09/27/getting-your-nonmem-dataset-to-work-data-error-summary/1,623
Simulating your pharmacometric model with parameter uncertainty in R/2019/01/31/how-to-simulate-your-pharmacometric-model-with-parameter-uncertainty/1,118
Creating a simple pharmacometric Shiny application with mrgsolve in R – Part 1/2018/12/10/creating-a-simple-pharmacometric-shiny-application-with-mrgsolve-in-r-part-1/1,048
A step-by-step guide to scatter visual predictive checks (VPC) of NONMEM models/2018/06/01/a-step-by-step-guide-to-scatter-visual-predictive-checks-vpc-of-nonmem-models/1,014

Don’t be worried if you can’t figure out the pcVPC or get your NONMEM dataset to work… You are not the only one.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 15.000 visitors by going open source!

  1. Ryan Reply

    Dear MJVANESDONK, I want to thank PMX solutions for this great service to PMX community. I am sure there will be more people benefiting from this. If I may, one suggestion for blog post content I have is w.r.t taking code from Github and replicating on computer. Thanking you again for all the help.

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